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Comprehensive Weight Management Reviews

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Making my first appt with Rosey was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I have been seeing Rosey for a while now and have had huge success on my weight loss journey because of her! Rosey is tremendously knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her patients wellbeing. She provides an abundant amount of support and treats weight loss from multiple angles, not just diet and exercise. I have the utmost respect for Rosey and trust her wholeheartedly!
Kate N.- RI

After my previous provider retired, it took me a while to find someone who took my complaints seriously. I was always told to exercise more and eat less. Rosey took the time and actually listened to me. She worked with me to come up with a plan. With her help and guidance I have lost almost 40lbs and for the first time in a long time I feel good!

Megan G. RI

Carol was instrumental in my over 50 pound weight loss over this last year. She carefully assessed my health, talked to me about my challenges and worked to find a successful plan of action just for me. We made adjustments along the way so that I could reach my goal and keep the weight off. Carol is compassionate and caring; she understands the struggle and wants me to succeed.  Thank you for helping me turn my life around!


Finally someone who understands! Carol goes to great lengths to explain the “science” behind thyroid and other hormonal issues that contribute to weight gain and the difficulty of losing weight.  Through a combination of meds and diet and exercise, I’ve achieved a 65 pound weight loss over a two year period.  After a lifetime of struggle, Carol has been the one person who understands my personal struggles and has successfully diagnosed and treated my unique needs.  Great oversight, follow up and flexible virtual appointments. 

Elizabeth A. RI

Carol was very instrumental in diagnosing my thyroid condition as well as giving me valuable insight into treatments and lifestyle changes to help me deal with lipedema. I had all but given up on weight loss when I met Carol. She explained that with a thyroid issue like mine coupled with lipedema that it wasn’t all my fault but with the proper medication I would see success. With Carol’s help I lost 60 lbs and feel better than I did 20 years ago. She gave me my life back. Carol is tremendously knowledgeable in the field of thyroid and lipedema issues.

S. C. CA

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