Why choose Carol Rowsemitt, PhD, RN, FNP, weight-loss specialist?

If you are looking for a San Luis Obispo dietician, instead consider weight-loss specialist Carol Rowsemitt. She may offer the weight loss solution you are looking for.

Do you ever go through a search engine or look through the old reliable phone book looking for a dietician in San Luis Obispo? Yes, there can be several to choose from but do you really want to go that route since all you are trying to do is lose weight and be healthier? Many people already know what they should eat; the problem is sticking to a healthy eating plan. Carol Rowsemitt, a weight loss expert, could have a solution for you. As a nurse practitioner, she can prescribe medications to help suppress your appetite and keep your metabolism normal. If you know very little about calories, carbs, fats, and proteins, seeing a dietician may be helpful.

Don’t get it wrong, a San Luis Obispo dietician is a great source, but if you desire something more than just the knowledge of what and how much to eat, try this weight loss program instead.

With Carol Rowsemitt, you will not just receive a weight-loss plan; you will be educated on how your brain and body respond to food as well.

For instance, your brain chemistry and hormones play a big part in how your mind knows whether it is full or not. When you diet, these pathways push you to be more interested in eating as well as having to eat more to feel full. FDA approved medications can help you stick to your eating plan.

Another thing that Carol believes is important to focus on is thyroid function. Many providers, including various San Luis Obispo dieticians, pay more attention to thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) than to any other factor when evaluating the thyroid. Carol will assess a variety of lab values as well as listening to your report of symptoms to determine how to evaluate and treat thyroid problems.

Some doctors will order thyroid blood tests, but do not include all thyroid hormone evaluations such as free T3, free T4 or reverse T3. These thyroid hormones need to be evaluated and thyroid treatment may be needed to return metabolism to normal.

Learning what your body needs and how it works will assist you in your weight loss goal. With Carol’s expert weight loss solutions, she will get you where you want to be, and help you maintain that weight.

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