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No this has nothing to do with my website.  As one of the founders of the Randy Pound Fan Club on Facebook, I don’t know any way to put this onto Facebook, so I’m doing it here.
Interview with Randy Pound June 13, 2011
RPFC: Hi Randy.  Good to talk to you.  You lived on the Central Coast for a long time.  When did you move to LA?
RP:  Hi Carol!  Thanks again for the interview.
I lived on the Central Coast over 35 years.  This past year I spent a lot of time in LA.  About 3-4 days a week taking acting classes mostly.  But, I officially moved to Los Angeles the first weekend in April.
RPFC: How does it feel?
PR: Different!  I got pretty complacent in SLO, so moving to LA permanently has been an adventure.  I’m getting settled in.
RPFC: Tell us a little bit about your history.
RP:  I was born and raised in Pomona Valley, CA.  At age 9 my parents thought it was a good idea to move away from LA and the smog….so we move.  Their original plan was to live in Santa Rosa, CA, but we got sidetracked on the way up and stopped on the Central Coast.  Fortunately (yes! I said fortunately), we didn’t have a place to live yet and had to camp for the summer.  For the summer of 1973 we camped and lived at Lake Lopez – gotta say, it was one of the best times of my life!  We then moved to Morro Bay, and then to San Luis Obispo when I was in High School.  I graduated from SLO High in 1982 with a concentration on Graphic Arts.  After that it was several schools: Cal Poly SLO, Cuesta College, Alan Hancock College, and Scottsdale Jr. College in Arizona.  Nine years of schooling and six different majors later, I finally decided to stay with Liberal Studies and Graphic Arts.  Art was something I always came back to, especially with an interest in Animation (Walt Disney and the crew at Warner Bros. were my heros).  That interest, and talent, led me to be accepted to several Art schools (California Institute of Fine Arts, Ringling School of Arts in Florida, San Francisco State, Pasadena, and a couple in NY).  Unfortunately, because of the costs I wasn’t able to afford to go to those schools.
RPFC: So when did you start acting?
RP:  My first gig was in a talent show at Los Osos Jr. High doing standup….I did impersonations.  Didn’t start acting until High School, where I worked primarily as a character actor in the productions of Guys and Dolls and Cabaret.  After High School I got away from acting and concentrated on sports (I did sports in High School too…tennis and swimming).  In College it was swimming, water polo, and (my favorite) volleyball.  I played with the Big Boys in these sports.  Volleyball changed my life in a couple of ways;  being, literally, the shortest guy on the court (at a staggering 5’9”, compared to everyone else…average height in men’s volleyball is 6’3″), I had to prove myself everytime I came out to play.  I could out-jump (believe it or not, I had a 36″ verticle jump) and hit just as hard as everyone else.  Unfortunately, at my height you’re not gonna get scholarships to play.  But, this just pushed me harder to excel.  Volleyball is also responsible for my love of dance.  My coach suggested that the team take dance classes for stamina and balance.  Most of my teammates bailed on that idea and left me standing there in a room full of dancers…..female dancers!  So I thought “I like to dance, so why not give this a try!”  I studied jazz and ballet for three years after volleyball.
RPFC: What was next?
RP:  Sometime during college and in between majors, rent became an issue.  So, off to work I went.  During school I was a lifeguard (did that job for 14 years) and worked as a waiter and bartender.  I worked at a couple of restaurants; Spike’s Place (10yrs) and Mother’s Tavern (5 yrs).  It was there that Standup Comedy came back into my life.  Something that lasted six years, until one day (a bad day) I had enough of performing….I just quit and walked off during one of my routines.  After restauranting, I got into banking.  Turned in an application along with a deposit, and three days later I was a banker.  Did that job for 11 years before deciding to give acting a try as a profession.  I find it funny that it was banking that got me back into acting.  A fellow banker knew that I did some standup and suggested that I should try auditioning for a local production of The Sisters Rosensweig at the SLOLT.  I did it, got a part, and loved it!  I didn’t think I would get so involved with theatre at that point until a month later someone from the SLO Civic Ballet came into the bank to make a deposit, and was talking to some of the other bankers and said they were looking for someone to play Mother Ginger in their production of The Nutcracker.  Several of my fellow employees turned and pointed at me.  I played Mother Ginger in 2001 thru 2009, and loved it.  It was then I was forced (playfully forced) into dance again.
RPFC: You must have enjoyed it to do it that long.
RP:  I did and do!  I especially love working with the kids.  I’d have to say that is my favorite part.  I’ve also had the pleasure of working and performing with many incredibly talented people!!
RPFC: We’ve seen you in a lot of plays over the years.
RP: Yes I have!!  The Drowsy Chaperone was my 93rd production on the Central Coast.  I have averaged over ten productions per year since 2001.  As exhausting as it has been, I wouldn’t have given it up for the world!
RPFC: You’ve been in a lot of shows locally.  Can you tell us what some of your favorites have been?
RP:  Too many to choose from, but if I were to name a couple I would have to say 12th Night and The Three Musketeers (both of those with the CC Shakespeare Festival), The Full Monty (SLOLT), Peter Pan (Kelrick), Since I Saw Her Standing There (Civic Ballet), West Side Story (SLOLT), Babes in Toyland (CDMA), etc., etc., etc.,…………Too many to choose from without leaving someone out.  They’re all my favorites for one reason or another.
RPFC: So what lies ahead?
RP:  Auditioning as often as I can for anything I can get!  I’ve been pretty fortunate so far.  I got and accepted the role of Mr. Smee in a production of Peter Pan with Crescendo Arts in Covina the last weekend of August.  I’ve also had a few callbacks for a few other production companies.  More recently I auditioned for a non-union film called Dancing With Trains (I don’t expect to get a part, but it was fun auditioning), and have an audition for Arsenic & Old Lace in Carson later this week.  I have several resumes and headshots out there now….just waiting for responses.
RPFC: Any thoughts about film?
RP: From what I’ve heard, it’s a summer vacation for everyone.  Things don’t really pick up until the beginning of August.  Then I’m hoping for more work
RPFC: Any comments for your fans?
RP:  I love the support I’ve gotten from everybody!  I’ve had some great responses to my leaving.  One being “it’s about time you left!  Now we can finally get some good parts.”  But, mostly it’s been, “it’s about time you’re going to LA to pursue your dreams, but you don’t get to leave!”
I can think of two particular comments I received that have stuck with me.  One from Rev. Curt Miner, United Church of Christ, in SLO, (I’m paraphrasing here) which he wrote “the Central Coast is losing one of its theatrical jewels!”  And the other was from Dana Shaheen, when he told me that “I’m sad you’re leaving.  You can’t be replaced.”  There are others, and I don’t mean to leave anyone out, but those words meant a lot more to me than they can imagine!
I have been extraordinarily fortunate to have my friends, family, . . everyone I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, be a part of my life.  I miss being up there on the Central Coast and I miss everyone there!  If anyone knows anything about me, you know that’s true.
I would like to especially thank Carol and Zandi for starting a “fan” page for me, for those who were with me at my last show on the Central Coast, and for Linda McGuirk for all the help she’s giving me to getting started down here in lala land!
RPFC:  Randy is currently working as a stagehand at UCLA’s Theatre Dept., and trying to get hired on at the Pasadena Playhouse.  Despite his international fame, Randy would still be happy to hear from any of his old friends. (No, Randy didn’t say anything about international fame, that was me.)
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