Dietitian San Luis Obispo

Dietician San Luis Obispo

Ah, the weight-loss dilemma! It can be so frustrating to make sure you are doing the right thing for your body. The endless, often conflicting information available online can throw you into a spin. After a while, you may just give up while your mind plays a ping-pong match.

San Luis Obispo weight loss specialist Carol Rowsemitt, Ph.D., RN, FNP, can take care of the guesswork of weight loss it for you.

Perhaps you are already seeing a San Luis Obispo dietician. Although this is a fantastic route to take if you want to lose weight, maybe you should also consider employing the services of Carol Rowsemitt.

Yes, diet and exercise are great, but for some, they need to take it one step further. This is where Carol can help! If you feel like you have tried everything, and nothing is working, give Carol a call.

Weight loss is no simple equation

There are over 50 different hormones that secrete and circulate through your body. As they travel through the blood stream, target cells are activated. Your endocrine system is associated with the nervous system and it controls a sizable amount of the body’s functions, such as your metabolism, growth, sexual activity, contraction of the cardiac muscles and homeostasis.

There are many things that effect the body’s production of hormones. Besides your DNA lineage, what you consume can additionally have an effect on your hormones and thyroid.

The butterfly-shaped thyroid influences growth and metabolism but also development and temperature of your body. If the thyroid is not functioning properly, a rash of ailments can occur, such as: Thyroiditis, Graves’ disease, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, goiter or even cancer.

Much like an automobile, there are many moving parts going on inside you that need to be maintained. The mind and body need to be analyzed as a whole not just a couple of parts.

Weight loss expert Carol Rowsemitt is a licensed nurse practitioner and can prescribe medications to help curb your appetite and help your thyroid and metabolism return to normal functioning.

If you have already employed the help or are considering employing the help of a San Luis Obispo dietician, also consider giving weight-loss expert Carol Rowsemitt, Ph.D., RN, FNP, a call at (805) 748-0954. Have a team of experts looking after your health! Your body will thank you later.