Weight Loss

Lipedema – A Fat Disorder

“Lipedema is not rare, but the diagnosis of lipedema is rarely made.” Beninson and Edelglass, 1984 Family butt? Thunder thighs? Everyone thinks you eat too much. But why is it distributed this way? It seems impossible to lose. It seems different from other people’s weight problems. That’s because it is different. It’s called lipedema (Lip […]

San Luis Obispo weight loss expert opens new office locations

–Carol N Rowsemitt PhD, RN, FNP-C, owner of Comprehensive Weight Management, A Nursing Corporation, which specializes in unique and effective weight loss management, recently announced the opening of two new office locations in San Luis Obispo County. To better serve clients across the county, the company opened offices both above the grade and below the […]

Why choose Carol Rowsemitt, PhD, RN, FNP, weight-loss specialist?

If you are looking for a San Luis Obispo dietician, instead consider weight-loss specialist Carol Rowsemitt. She may offer the weight loss solution you are looking for. Do you ever go through a search engine or look through the old reliable phone book looking for a dietician in San Luis Obispo? Yes, there can be […]

Pill Poppers vs. Weight Watchers?

Now that two appetite-suppressing medications have obtained FDA approval, you’ll be hearing lots of discussions posing an either/or view. Should you use medications to lose weight and rely on a magic pill, or should you watch your diet and get more exercise? Weight Watchers or Pill Poppers? Which is the best approach? I believe this […]

“The Fat Trap” by Tara Parker-Pope in the New York Times

“Do You have to be Superhuman to lose Weight?” was in big letters in The New York Times Magazine on Jan. 1, 2012. So here I go again: Losing weight and keeping it off is very hard to do without help because: 1) hunger and cravings are intensified  after even a small amount of weight loss, […]

The Latest Research

The Latest Research I’ll occasionally show you information about interesting research results that can help keep us all focused on how we should be living our lives to obtain and maintain a healthy weight. This one is from today’s New York Times: Click here for article

Why do I always regain the weight I lost?

Something very important happened last week. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten this note out sooner: The New England Journal of Medicine published an article (10/25/11) on an excellent piece of research.  The study was designed to look at hormones and other factors involved in metabolism, sensations of hunger, and fullness in people who lost 10% […]

A Confession: A donut in my House

In office visits, we’re often discussing what’s known as the obesogenic (obesity-creating) environment around us. We can’t control it all. When you drive by a billboard with appealing food,please don’t close your eyes. But we can control some of it. A couple of months ago, some young friends showed up at my house with one […]

Articles in Thyroid Science

Some of you have known that, for several years, Dr. Thomas Najarian and I were working on some issues that we planned to publish. Now, you can find our two papers in the online journal Thyroid Science. In these works, we: 1. Review the evidence that mild thyroid abnormalities often occur during weight loss attempts […]